Northern Aboriginal Broadcasting - Aboriginal Peoples’ Program

We are currently accepting funding applications for Northern Aboriginal Broadcasting. Applications must be postmarked no later than October 9, 2015 and mailed to the Aboriginal Peoples’ Program.

As Northern Aboriginal Broadcasting (NAB) is a part of the Aboriginal Peoples' Program, you are required to provide the information requested in the General Application Requirements along with the additional information requested for NAB.

Please contact us if you did not receive a call letter. The call letter contains additional information for your consideration.


The objectives of the Northern Aboriginal Broadcasting (NAB) are:

  • to support the production of culturally-relevant Aboriginal programming;
  • to facilitate establishment and maintenance of production facilities;
  • to ensure availability of significant amount of radio and television programming;
  • to contribute to the protection and enhancement of Aboriginal languages and cultures; and
  • to provide venues to articulate issues of relevance to Aboriginal audiences and communities.

Eligible Recipients

In addition to the eligible recipients found in the APP General Application Requirements, eligible recipients include not-for-profit Aboriginal organizations providing broadcast communications north of the Hamelin Line, which is drawn at the 55th parallel and defines the Canadian North for purposes of policy.

Eligible Activities

Funding may be provided for network production activities if they are judged to contribute to the protection and enhancement of Aboriginal languages and cultures, and facilitate Northern Native participation in activities and developments related to the North.

The NAB supports Aboriginal broadcasting societies to produce and distribute radio and television programming in the north. The NAB was established as part of the federal government’s Northern Native Broadcasting Policy. The Policy set out five policy principles:

  • Northern residents should be offered access to a range of programming choices through the exploitation of technological opportunities;
  • Northern Native people should have the opportunity to participate actively in the determination by the CRTC of the character, quantity and priority of programming broadcast in predominantly Native communities;
  • Northern Native people should have fair access to Northern broadcasting distribution systems to maintain and develop their cultures and languages;
  • Programming relevant to Native concerns, including content originated by Native people, should be produced for distribution wherever Native people form a significant proportion of the population in the service area; and
  • Northern Native representatives should be consulted regularly by government agencies engaged in establishing broadcasting policies that would affect their cultures.

Eligible Expenditures

In addition to the eligible expenditures found in the APP General Application Requirements, and subject to ministerial approval, eligible expenditures must be directly related to the activities and may include:

  • meetings;
  • rent/utilities;
  • purchase or refurbishment of transmitter system and receiving equipment;
  • installation, engineering and shipping costs;
  • satellite leasing costs;
  • costs associated with new and emerging communications technology, including purchase and upgrade of hardware and software; and
  • name of television broadcaster (where applicable).

Ineligible Expenditures

In addition to the ineligible expenditures found in the APP General Application Requirements, expenditures under the NAB related to the following are ineligible: start-up and operations costs for institutions, training centres, commercial enterprises and support for the development of cultural/professional industries.

Additional Application Requirements

In addition to submitting the information required in the APP General Application Requirements, in preparing your proposal it is required that you provide information to address each of the following additional application requirements for the NAB:

Staffing and Management Plan

Submit the following documents with your proposal:

  • current staff list, with titles;
  • current organization chart;
  • current salary scale;
  • job descriptions for any new staff positions
  • minutes of your most recent members meeting
  • schedule and location of Board Meetings planned for the fiscal year; and
  • list of Board of Directors, including each members’ name, address, phone number and the expiry date of their term.

Please describe the process for Board members selection as well as the organization’s membership and operation of your management committee. If your organization does not have a management committee, describe how management decisions are made.

Programming Plans

Describe programming plans for the next fiscal year. For each program planned, please include:

  • title of program;
  • language of broadcast;
  • duration;
  • frequency of broadcast;
  • time-slot;
  • targeted age group; and
  • brief description of program content.

Specify how many hours of radio and/or television programming per week your organization plans to produce and broadcast for the next fiscal year.

Please describe how and by whom your weekly and annual programming priorities, plans and schedules have been developed.

Please describe how your organization, as an Aboriginal producer and broadcaster, change or adapt programming to meet the needs of the audience. Audiences are becoming more demanding and it is important to reflect the changing demands that could increase audience share and market.


In addition to the budget requirements found in the APP General Application Requirements the proposal must include:

  • in cases where advance payments are required, an explanation of the need for advance funding; and
  • an estimate of the total revenue of the applicant organization for the fiscal year in question, including the funding sources.

Distribution Systems

Please describe any change in your distribution system.

Please list current broadcast or network licenses held by your organization, including expiry dates.