Mandate and Priorities - Culture

Culture is one of the three pillars that represent the Department’s core activities.

Culture strategic outcome: Canadian artistic expression and cultural content are created and accessible at home and abroad.

The Canadian Heritage Portfolio supports artists and artistic companies such as orchestras, dance companies and theatres. It invests in cultural industries such as books and magazines television and radio, broadcasting and interactive media, as well as film,video and music.

The Portfolio also supports the broader heritage community through policies and programs in the areas of conservation, exhibitions, collections management, and the export of cultural property.

Program activities

Three categories of activities fall under this strategic outcome.

  1. Arts – Improve Canadians’ direct access to varied artistic experiences, and contribute to the sustainability of the arts sector.
  2. Cultural Industries – Ensure domestic and international audiences have access to a range of Canadian cultural content, and contribute to the sustainability of our cultural industries.
  3. Heritage – Promote the preservation and presentation of Canada’s cultural heritage so that Canadians have access to diverse, quality heritage products, today and tomorrow.