Celebrate Canada Funding

How to Obtain Funding

The Department of Canadian Heritage provides financial support for activities organized on specific days during the Celebrate Canada period, from June 21 to July 1. The Celebrate Canada period includes National Aboriginal Day on June 21, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day on June 24, Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27 and Canada Day on July 1.

Events funded are expected to be held on the date of the designated day. Priority will be given to events held on the actual date. For Canada Day, events must be held on July 1.

2014 will see the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown and Québec Conferences, important anniversaries in Canadian history. Additional consideration will be given to projects that incorporate themes based on these anniversaries, however, funding is not conditional on the inclusion of these elements in the celebrations during the Celebrate Canada period.

Application Deadline 

The Celebrate Canada 2014 funding cycle is now closed. Information on the 2015 funding cycle will be posted in November 2014.

Who Can Apply?

  • Canadian not-for-profit organizations: corporations, cooperatives, and unincorporated associations, etc.;
  • Canadian business corporations where projects are non-commercial in nature;
  • Canadian educational institutions, Canadian municipal governments and other municipal, provincial or territorial institutions.

Guide and Application Form

The Guidelines and Application Form for the 2015 Celebrate Canada funding cycle will be available soon.

Additional Information

Only one application per applicant for all events (National Aboriginal Day, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, Canadian Multiculturalism Day and Canada Day) will be accepted for the funding cycle.

Please note that even if your organization and application are eligible, you are not guaranteed funding from the Department. Additionally, if your application is successful, the funding you receive may be less than the amount requested.

Final Activity Report

A Final Activity Report must be completed at the end of your event and sent to your Regional Office no later than August 31, 2014. If a completed report is not received, you will no longer be eligible for future funding.

Final Activity Report (PDF Version, 295 KB)


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