Figure 5: Summative evaluations of the Roadmap

The figure on the summative evaluations of the Roadmap shows that the various departments and agencies will conduct a summative evaluation of their respective initiatives by February 2012 and emphasizes that these evaluations will contribute to the horizontal summative evaluation of the Roadmap for Canada’s Linguistic Duality 2008–2013: Acting for the Future, planned for 2012. It should be noted, however, that summative evaluations will not be conducted on certain initiatives.

Each of the 14 departments and agencies and their respective initiative(s) are presented:

  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: Economic development initiative;
  • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency: Support to Francophone immigration in New Brunswick, and Economic development initiative;
  • Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer: Centre of Excellence;
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Recruitment and integration of immigrants;
  • National Research Council of Canada: Language Technologies Research Centre;
  • Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec: Economic development initiative; 
  • Western Economic Diversification Canada: Economic development initiative;
  • Canada School of Public Service: Extend Access of Language-Learning Tools to Canadian Universities;
  • Industry Canada / Federal Economic Development Initiative in Northern Ontario: Economic development initiative;
  • Justice Canada: Access to Justice in Both Official Languages; Accountability and Coordination Framework; and Contraventions Act Fund; 
  • Canadian Heritage: Second Language Learning (includes Support to Second-Language Education, Summer Language Bursaries and Official-Language Monitors), Minority-Language Education (includes Support to Minority-Language Education, Summer Language Bursaries, and Official-Language Monitors), CRTC Study, Translation Program; Community Life (includes Support to Communities, Youth Initiatives, Cultural Development Fund, and Intergovernmental Cooperation), Music Showcase Program for Artists, and Accountability and Coordination Framework. The Official Languages Secretariat is responsible for conducting the summative evaluation of the Accountability and Coordination Framework;
  • Human Resources and Skills Development Canada: Literacy; Enabling Fund for Official-Language Minority Communities; Improving NGOs’ Means for Early Childhood Development; and, Childcare Pilot Project;
  • Health Canada: Training, Networks and Access to Health Services;
  • Public Works and Government Services Canada: Language Industry Initiative; Government of Canada Linguistic Portal; and University Scholarships Program in Translation.


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